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Armored Core Player Locater
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Welcome Ravens!

This site will allow you to find other players of Armored Core  who live in your area. Why? So you can save on travel expenses, and maybe even find other players in your own hometown. This was originally going to be dedicated to connecting AC2:AA players, back when it was thought that it would have online or at least, dialup support. When it became apparent that it wouldn't I pretty much forgot about this site. However with the interest in finding local people to play against that is evident on the Gamefaqs AC3 board, I figured I'd give a go at resurrecting this site.
Thank you to everyone who has submitted.

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We've now got over 160 registered Ravens! Myself I've already met one Raven, and we've played some versus with iLink. Playing against a human with a full screen ROCKS! And remember, if you fight someone and would like to have details posted on here just email (subject: Raven Match) me at