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Here are the two most often used OGRE record sheets, namely mark III & V. I'll probably put up I, II, and IV at somepoint, but see no pressing need as I don't use them very often. If everything works right there should be 8 OGRE records sheets of the approriate type and they should all fit on one page. I've printed 2 double sided copies of both mk.s and then cut them up so I now have 32 record sheets for each of them. Keen.



9/9/1 The page is finally finished. See bottom for more info.

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The pictures portion of this page is finally finished. At some point soon I'll probably start working on a section on painting but I'm probably just going to leave the page as it is for a while. The menubar at the top works now, so enjoy the easy navigation. If you are wondering why these pages don't have lots of flashy graphics and scripts it's for the simple reason that there are plenty enough pictures to use bandwidth so I see no reason to make the pages load even slower.